It looks like Newmarket has a new theme song!

Whitefox_AvatarRay: I hope to continue to advocate for Newmarket at this website even though the election was over in October 27th, 2014. If you have a social concern and you live in Newmarket let me know. I love our community.

Let me know if there is something of concern to the community that you would like me to comment about.

The following is a video that has been produced to help foster our community spirit. I thought I would repost it here.


Congratulations Tom

Whitefox_AvatarRay: I wish to congratulate Tom for winning the Ward 4 riding last night.

I wish to thank the 303 persons in the ward that voted for me last night as well.

One of my investments went south In August and it caused me to re-evaluate competing with Tom head on. I chose not to put up any signs. I ran my campaign half mast. I did not want to drop out because I would highly covet the opportunity to run again in the next four year cycle. I did get my message out in the Media and It was quite encouraging discussing with many of in the riding the issues of concern to our riding.

We are about to become the most important ward in Newmarket with all the development and influx of population it will bring.

Tom was not advocating that we need low cost social oriented spaces on the main level of residential buildings in our ward.  I was.

Tom was not advocating for signs to describe the Newmarket Heights area of our ward as having historical interest. I was.

Tom was not advocating that height limits be restricted on new buildings. I was. Unfortunately Daryl and I did not agree on his idea to raise the height to 50 stories tall. I am not comfortable with 20 stories proposed currently and would like the discussion to return to 12 stories.

Tom does not live in Ward 4, I do.

I hope to try again four years from now. Next time I will have to go all out if I am to compete with Tom. Tom said he may not be running again in four years time it may cause a level playing for those that run in the ward next time. Let me know if you see this post prior to 2018 and you wish I would run again at that time.

What will I be doing until then? I will be continuing to preach what I believe as I do in all spheres of life. I have done so in the political sphere. I will continue mostly in the Religious sphere for now.


I wish to thank Brad Snell who is my co-host for the show we do at truth is what matters. We haven’t done a show for a long time now but look for us to do one again in the near future.

I have been working on a new KJV Bible called the Simplified King James Bible. You can check it out under freebies at that website.

Who wants a bikers church in Newmarket? I would like to see one. Let me know if you are interested in that or would like to know more about where to meet with Christian Bikers.  I am a weekend biker but I appreciate the real bikers that associate with me. You will see me often at the Highway 11 car club that meets  At the Harveys on Tuesday evenings in front of Home Depot on Yonge street each week during the summer months.

If you have a club you would like me to visit let me know.

If you want to go before town council and would like to have me join you, let me know.

If you need a friend there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother (Jesus) let me introduce you. I also extend my friendship you may join me at

May God richly bless Newmarket,

Ray T. Luff jr.

A message about Separation of Church and State by Charles McVety.

picture-3552Ray: I thought I would post a letter I received today from my friend Charles McVety. I don’t think Newmarket is in immediate danger of losing its freedoms in relation to separation of Church and State. The separation I am talking about is the freedom for Religion to hold and follow its beliefs providing they do not bear arms to harm others as is the case of some radical cult forms. The freedom not to have the State suppress their freedom. And the freedom to preach what is believed by the adherents of a Religious group in the public square. The freedom to run as a candidate in a political party while holding to ones religious convictions.”. Please join Charles request to pray for our province for all the municipalities that freedom of religion will pervade in every Municipality. God Bless you as you go out to vote if you have not done so already on October 27th, 2014. (This may be the last message of my campaign.)


Please pray for the election this coming Monday, October 27th.  Freedom to worship is very much at stake.

Some municipal governments have become increasingly hostile to churches. In Brampton and Toronto there was an attempt to rezone the cities without allowing new churches. Toronto cancelled the 15th annual Jesus in The City Parade with only two weeks to go.  Thankfully God and His people fought these forces and won.  But the Devil does not quit.

A few School boards have introduced massive church rental rates of up to 800% and most have introduced graphic explicit sex in the classrooms of our precious little children.

On Monday, Ontarians will choose 2,850 city Councillors and 735 school board trustees province wide.

Please ask your Pastor to take time in your Sunday morning service to pray that every Christian will take the time to vote and bring along their family and friends to. I believe your efforts will have an effect as Scripture says “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16 

As we join together in Jesus Christ this Sunday I know that those whom God wants in office will be in place Monday night.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn. Psalms 29:

If not you, who?  If not now, when?

Dr. Charles McVety

Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies

This email is intended for

Shrink Slessor Square

picture-3552Ray: There is an issue that affects Ward 4 that I would like to bring to your attention. Current plans by the Slessor Square development are to build nine stories (29 in all) above the town guideline for the Davis Drive and Yonge line development plan. I believe that the development should be restricted to the agreed upon guidelines and I would like to see the guidelines reduced to 16 stories but it may be too late to accomplish that. But at least stick to the twenty story guideline. I am not anxious for our Ward to become the same as Sheppard and Yonge in Toronto. Let me know if you share similar concern for our ward.

Follow this link to find out more about this topic.

Election 2014 – Ward 4 Candidate – Ray Luff

Whitefox_AvatarRay: The Newmarket Free Press recently ran an article about my campaign. The following is the article. Please forward links to my campaign website and try to help me to get the word out to Ward 4 residents that there is an advocate that represents the concerns of Ward 4 who actually lives in the Ward and in Newmarket for that matter that they can vote for.

Election 2014 – Ward 4 Candidate – Ray Luff

September 29, 2014


In order to get to know the candidates that are running in the October 27th Municipal Election, the Newmarket Free Press is publishing the responses to questions asked to all the registered candidates. We hope that this will help voters to understand where candidates stand on current issues that will affect Newmarket and assist in making an informed decision when voting. Ray Luff is running in Ward 4

NFP: What are the top 3 major issues Newmarket needs to address?

RL: 1) The planned population growth of our town. We seem to have no choice in the rapid growth that is anticipated as it is seemingly forced upon us by the region. The rate of growth is not a natural needs based growth it represents the kind of growth that involves importing a large population to our town rather rapidly. The town council must ensure that the infrastructure of community services is made available to the newcomers and existing population in a timely manner. Ward 4 will be the most affected ward by this. I personally as a religious person would like to see provision made by the developers for another house of worship in the ward. I would also like to encourage the salvation army to have some space in our ward. Other youth program and community spaces are also needed. Our streets could be flooded with children looking for recreation space if we do not carefully plan.

2) Taxes. Really this is number one, but because it could be affected by rapid growth I am quite concerned. I studied Urban Planning at Ryerson but it is not the career I pursued (I was a consultant most of my career). However i recall learning that the promise of lower taxes is often given because the tax base will increase with more taxpayers when urban development occurs but for many years perhaps a decade or more it turns out that infrastructure costs outstrip the benefit and tax payers often must foot the bill for the growth that promises a reduction. This is my concern. However much of the cost is being footed by the region, not the town for the growth we are going to see. We much watch our budget for the incidental costs that will rise and ensure to the best of our ability that taxes do not rise. Associated with this is the increased land values in our region which sounds good but it must not result in a tax grab to up our taxes. Both increased land value and taxes will eventual trickle down and hurt the poorest of our community as well as they struggle to find affordable housing. We have a mix of citizens in Ward 4. We must care and be concerned about all of our citizens and those that will come to join us.

3) It might be relatively a minor concern, but I would like to foster more of a sense of community for the Newmarket Heights portion of ward 4. I think a plaque should be placed at Davis as you enter Longford avenue which announces that you are now entering Newmarket Heights which recognizes the history of this area of the ward and the fact that it was originally called East Gwillimbury Heights. This should be paid for by donation and a door to door campaign to raise its funds and the town should approve its placement.

NFP: How should Newmarket resolve the ongoing traffic problem – volume of traffic & increased growth? RL: To deal with traffic problems there must be Speed bumps. Perhaps some roads will need to be cut off to through traffic. Lots of things need to be thought and planned well.

NFP: How should Newmarket move forward on higher density residential & commercial building – ie: mid & high rise buildings? RL: Newmarket should insist on space provided in the main level of buildings be made available at reduced or no cost for recreational and community services and related organizations including to provide another place of worship.

NFP: What are the top 3 things that make Newmarket a great place to live or work? RL: 

1) Its a great place to raise a family that provides plenty of amenities and those initial first jobs to our youth. Traditionally it has been a bedroom community that exports our workers to Toronto for the big bucks jobs. I personally exported myself all over North America and it was a weekend community to come back to for many years. But what i loved about this community was it was the kind of place to have my kids raised. I hope that, this continues. If our community is to become like mississaugua eventually I hope its not at the expense of our kids having a great place to be raised.

2) Community sports, green spaces, places to shop, many things make our town a great place. The feeling that you are moments from the countryside surrounding us is great as well. I believe we enjoy currently one of the best lifestyles for the common person in North America. I say common because i imagine the super rich live somewhere else but for most of us this is a great place to be.

3) Toronto over the years has had waves of immigration with wards that have had differing ethnic backgrounds. Newmarket has been vanila with no such distinctions that I am aware of. I like that about our town and it is my hope that a high degree of integration will continue to keep our town vanila. I don’t know that there is anything any town councilor can do to ensure such a continued high degree of integration with the rapidly planed growth but if we are not concerned we may miss opportunities for this. I believe that special events and things that raise the level of community participation will encourage us all to be continue to reach this goal. A sense of belonging must continually be fostered.

NFP: What are the top 3 things that make Newmarket a place where people would NOT want to live or work? How would you change them? RL: Newmarket would no longer be as great a place if we stopped caring for all members of our community. Ward 4 would no longer be a great community if it became a business office ghetto and all Newmarket became was a hub to support other bedroom communities from further away that commute to our town for the jobs but are not involved otherwise in our community. Newmarket would no longer be a great place if it became a city. Most of use who came to this town came here to escape the city. Newmarket would no longer be a great place if we lost our sense of community.

NFP: Do you feel that Newmarket can successfully oppose provincial mandated plans for growth and density? RL: Regarding regional driven expansion I believe we could complain in the local papers and try to attract the attention of Toronto papers to our plight of forced growth. I personally would like to see some of the planned growth moved to outside our boundaries in further annexing land around Newmarket. I would prefer that we stuck with the original plan for 6 story buildings not the current 20 story being forced on us along the Davis corridor. But I do not think we can directly stop the region. We could however lobby hard and get some attention to our plight in the media. We need a balsy town council headed up with a mayor who also wants to be heard on behalf of the citizens. I am not complaining about the current mayor. IF the counsel had more ernst to get behind the mayor in that direction I am sure he would come up to the occasion of attracting the attention of the media. A little salt affects the whole of society according to Jesus. I hope that my little bit of salt can help toward addressing the concerns of Newmarket’s citizens in this regard.

NFP: How can the Davis Drive / Yonge Street VivaNext projects that focus on public transit align with Newmarket’s single family home / car culture? RL: I think it is great to allow access to the town via the public transportation and its improved features that are coming. But for those that drive a car I wish to see provision of free parking. I fear that parking spaces in our town will begin to be highly priced. I do not wish to see the lifestyle of our citizens impeded. I am all for electric cars if they are cheaper and better for the environment. Things that encourage that and encourage public transportation are great but must be an attractive option that competes with the other options available and not forced on us by restricting access to parking around town. I have travelled in my consulting career far and wide in the US and in Canada and have seen places that accommodate both cars and public transportation quite well. We can do this as well..

NFP:  What are your Ward 4 residents or business owners specific issues? How will you address them? RL: I addressed the concerns of Mr. Sub and Cynthias fish and chips by trying to get them to speak to town council and i arranged for the regional representative John Taylor to meet with them. But it seems to have been too little too late and they went out of business. Mr. Taylor seemed willing to help but I cannot speak for whether he was able to help them or if they were unable to fight for their case with the region even with John’s assistance. I think its a shame that they fell victim to the development along Davis Drive. I am very concerned about our retailers and I want to here about any retail concerns in Ward 4 or elsewhere in Newmarket. We might not have a say in what the region is doing but it is our responsibility on Town council to act as advocates for our citizens. We must do all we can to shake the trees to support our citizens.

NFP: Do you support a grade separation (overpass) at the GO train tracks at Green Lane? RL: I would trust the advice of reading over an engineer report on the topic. I do not have an informed opinion right now but I having produced advisory reports in the past believe that we must put stock in what we are being told by the experts. I certainly will wade into such a study to form my opinion on this topic. For now I must say I am uninformed regarding this topic and cannot offer an informed opinion.

NFP: Please provide a brief recap of your background, experience and platform. RL: I retired early after a twenty four year career in computer followed by management consulting to the Banking, municipal government sectors in Ontario. Clients included CIBC, Ministry of Revenue, Treasury, Government services, Labour, Workers Comp to name a few. I travelled the USA for several years as well working for clients such as FEDEX, NEC, IBM, EDS, CIGNA I produced many proposals. I hope that on town council I will be on the other side of the equation to scrutinize such proposals that are submitted to the town. I worked as a volunteer with Yonge Street mission for 12 years and learned to help people better themselves. There are some I helped literally to move from the back alley into good paid jobs and to be able to be contributing members of society. I learned to listen and to respect all people of all walks of life through this valuable experience. I believe I have a mix of abilities and learned disciplines that will be useful in helping to make important decisions on town council and in acting as an advocate for the citizens in ward 4. I have written more about my platform at my campaign website.

More information:
For the article as it appears in the Newmarket Free Press follow this link.

My recent interview with the ERA Banner Sept 21, 2014

Whitefox_AvatarQ&A: Ray Luff

Newmarket Era
1. The most important issue for ward 4 is the upcoming high rise development and associated growing pains that will come with it. We must seek all means to ensure smooth a smooth transition that will take into consideration the need for social services for the folks that live in the ward, particularly in the area most affected which is the Newmarket heights area of the ward. We need more than just retail space on the lower level of the new buildings that will be going in. Space for a community church, and other social meeting places must be provided for. I feel that the buildings that wish to build four stories higher should give something back to the community such as reduced rent facility for the communities benefit. The associated concern is that while gearing up for an increased population we may see our tax rates rise ahead of the benefit of taxes coming from the new residents. We must keep our eye on the bottom line.


Ray Luff files papers for Ward 4…
2. I am the best candidate to represent Ward 4 because I have 24 years of experience in business as a consultant both to the public sector and the private sector. I have worked on many projects in leading roles and I would be able to cut through the jargon and smoke and mirrors of proposals the town is considering. I also have owned and operated a retail store in the past and I have sympathy for merchants and their struggles in our ward. Unfortunately we lost two of them on Davis drive recently due to the construction going on. I also have spent many years as a volunteer in Inner city mission work, Christian camping organizations and various charities. I have served on boards of several, including as President. My wife and I own two houses in the ward. One which we currently live in and one in the Newmarket heights area. If it is important to you that a counsellor lives in the ward I am the only candidate for the position of Counsellor who has stepped up to the plate to represent you in the ward.

3. I would give the existing council a Grade B. I lower it a notch because I feel it should advocate more loudly for the concerns of the merchants that have been affected and will be affected in Ward 4. We may not be able to control the region from forcing their will on us in Newmarket but we could try our best to advocate, put news in the local papers, attract the attention of Toronto papers to help advocate for the ward. I appreciate that One million dollars was spent trying to stop the development of the golf course in Glenway but I also appreciate the decision to abandon the cause because of the financial drain continuing to fight the region would have caused to the taxpayers. I think a few decisions have failed in the past including privatizing a failed soccer venture, Too much paid for the renovation of city hall and the spending of our tax money to expand the hospital when it was the federal governments responsibility to provide the funds. We should have advertised for donations and events to raise money rather than funding directly.

4. My favorite movie for all time is the good the bad and the ugly by clint eastwood. I guess its a lifestyle totally foreign to me and a macho also foreign to me but it makes a great escape watching clint struggle through the problems he faces with success in the end. My favourite meal is bacon and eggs for breakfast. Its a protein meal that is affordable by all and knows no social boundaries. And it is ready available when traveling. There is no better way to start your day than with a good breakfast. My favourite way to unwind is study. I have always wanted to remain a student and feel I have never stopped since my days at Ryerson to contemplate and study life. I am an avid reader of the Bible but I also like to get lost in my 700 book library and my 7300 book electronic library. I like to research and find answers to questions from history, religion and other subjects of interest.

To see the article as posted at the Banner follow this link.


picture-3552Ray: Come and join in on the all day conversation at the ERA Banner facebook page refered to below in the communication put out by Chris Simon.

Hi folks,
Just sending a quick reminder out about tomorrow’s Newmarket Era candidate debate taking place on Facebook (
The Era will be posting a question every hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
You will be able to respond to each question once.
If a follow up question is asked by a resident, you will be able to respond, as we want to encourage open discussion with the public.
I am asking each candidate to remain respectful and to stay focused on your own platform when responding to posts.
Please be aware that the posts will be monitored by Era staff and any offensive or irrelevant posts will be deleted.

****For those of you not able to participate immediately while the questions are being posted, the questions will remain open for you to post your responses as soon as you are able****

Responses may be printed in the newspaper as well.

Chris Simon
The Era Banner

Interview on FM 105.9 The Region

I was recently interviewed on FM 105.9 “The Region”. The interview was very brief.

What will be Newmarket’s 2014 election issues?


Ray: The following article was published by the Mississauga Post

The information provided regarded the concerns of a member of Ward 5, however his concerns apply in a major way to Ward 4. As I see it Ward 4 will bear the brunt of the changes coming to Newmarket. Of the 45,000 new residents that room is being built to accommodate in Newmarket it looks like over half of them will be moved into Ward 4 along George street in 20 Story high condos and rent geared to income residences. The brunt of changes will be felt most by residents of the Newmarket Heights area of Ward 4.  Bob Kwapis gives a good summary of the concerns that Newmarket residents have for Newmarket and the impact of coming changes will be felt most in Ward 4.


Newmarket Era

How does your shortlist of election issues match up with your fellow voters?

We asked what you and fellow Newmarket voters will be asking the next municipal council hopefuls to tackle and the answers ranged from town wide issues such as municipal spending, to local-based issues such as speeding on side streets.

Here are some of the most pressing issues for you and the town.

for the rest of this article go to

Larry Blight leaves bright lasting legacy


I was saddened by the news this past week that Larry passed away. I voted for him in the past 3 elections. The reason I voted for Larry was firstly because he lived in the ward. Secondly he had passion for the older part of ward 4 called Newmarket Heights. I lived in Newmarket Heights for a short time and I am one of the Landlords who has kept his house in the area and rented it out when I moved to the north part of the ward. I have concern for the Newmarket Heights having been once a renter and having for awhile after that lived in the Newmarket Heights part of ward 4 myself. A lot of changes are about to happen in that part of Ward 4. Larry would have been a good candidate to get behind in this upcoming election as he well represented that part of the ward but I was aware that he would not be running this time and I desired to have the ward represented by someone who lives in the ward. I do not claim to be like Larry but I do respect the contribution he made when he represented Ward 4. I cannot claim I would fill his shoes but I can tell you a bit about what motivates me to serve our ward and I can only hope that I can serve the ward as passionately as Larry did.

Larry Blight

The following is a link to the article that the ERA Banner published about Larry